Always On, No Dial Push-to-Talk for Smartphones.

Mobile Push to Talk

Push-To-Talk—for over 60 years it has been the functional benefit of two-way radio communications. You push a button, you talk to another person or to many others in a group. Always on and accessible, PTT fulfills a mission-critical need to connect people instantaneously. That’s why radio became such a successful medium.

So what if you take the proven, time-tested benefits of PTT and apply them in a meaningful way to the enterprise? Without the limitation of a wireless carrier’s PTT service with their additional service rates and poor device choices? You’d be taking a big step forward to improve your organization’s latency and productivity.

Software that Gives You Radio-Like Functionality

Twisted Pair’s WAVE Mobile Communicator enables instant, effortless conversations between groups of users and systems, including radios, so that voice is a core function of your Unified Communications (UC) strategy.

Running as an app on your mobile users’ smartphones of choice, WAVE Mobile Communicator delivers real-time, two-way PTT capabilities across any WiFi or wireless data network, anywhere in the world. You can use mass-market smartphones that function in many other capacities, so you don’t have to buy expensive, one-off equipment.

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