Massively Connected Enterprises Thrive with Secure Voice, Data and Video.

Traditionally organizations have looked within the enterprise for enhanced collaboration, with a strong leaning toward application sharing and data access. That’s the promise of unified communications. But for all the promise, extended voice communications are not typically part of the discussion. In fact, UC lacks the very thing that radio systems have been doing for decades—providing immediate voice connectivity through Push-To-Talk functionality.

The missing ingredient in many an enterprise’s UC strategy has been ubiquitous voice coverage across the network. WAVE software adds that to the mix, eliminating the restrictions imposed by device and network silos. So whether you’re a mobile worker on a two-way radio or smartphone, or an office-based worker on a PC laptop, any WAVE user connected to an IP network is always connected and accessible—at the push of a button.

Think Beyond Voice to Secure Video and Data

Taking that one step further, Twisted Pair brings data and video into your secure communications network. In doing so, a group of users can emulate being in the same room together, complete with facial expressions and body language. When groups of people scattered around the country or the world communicate as if they’re in the same room, you radically improve your organization’s ability to make decisions.

Put It All in the Cloud to Control Costs

If the cost and management of incorporating these capabilities into your communication network is a consideration, Twisted Pair offers CaaS solutions. We simplify the complexity of putting your critical communications network in the cloud, including radio services such as Land Mobile Radios, intercoms and paging systems. Look at our cloud-based Computing as a Service (CaaS) solutions for details.

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