Our Site Map

We recommend site maps on all sites we create. They're the only feature that gives users a true overview of everything on a site. One could argue that a site's navigation serves the same purpose. Even with these menus, users can see only one section of content at a time.

A site map lets users see all available content areas on one page, and gives them instant access to those site pages. Site maps can also help users find information on a cluttered site, providing a clean, simple view of the user interface and the available content. Site maps are not a cure-all, however. No site map can fix problems inherent in a site's structure, such as poor navigational organization, poorly named sections, or poorly coordinated subsites.

Site maps are also valuable to Google and other search engines. They help search engines index all of the pages available on a site.

Find below a list of our pages on this site, both for your convenience and Google.

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