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Narrator: Recently, the small police force in the town of Sainte Anne in rural Manitoba needed to upgrade their communication system and faced a tough decision. They could either upgrade to an expensive traditional digital radio communication system or switch to a new Internet protocol based communication system that would allow them to take advantage of ongoing advancements in communication technology.

Marc Robichaud: We looked at the cost of having to upgrade to new hardware and we thought with emerging technology there was probably a better solution for us. In searching all products that were voice over IP type products, Twisted Pair came out as being an industry leader.

Narrator: The decision to use Twisted Pair as a WAVE software allows Sainte Anne’s Police communications system to grow and advance with the capabilities of the latest smartphones, all at a lower cost compared to a traditional radio system.

Marc Robichaud: Traditionally, we would make a large purchase for radios and probably keep those radios for 10, 15, maybe even 20 years. With this new emerging technology, we were able to upgrade as smartphones upgrade and really on an every two-year basis.

Narrator: In addition to keeping up with advancements in communication technology using WAVE mobile communicator with the latest smartphones has allowed Sainte Anne’s officers to get in contact more rapidly no matter where they are.

Marc Robichaud: We are a small department with one man generally working at a time and in an emergency situation, we have to call out other members.

Doug Davis: With the old radio system, you have a radio in the car or the portables that were at the office. Even if you phoned somebody to assist you or whatever, they would have to go to the office, get a radio. It could be quite a while before you were in communication with that person.

Marc Robichaud: I could be out at a movie and get a call that there’s a serious situation going on, turn my WAVE radio on and be involved in that situation from a supervisory perspective almost immediately.

Narrator: Another advantage of WAVE mobile communicator is that just by looking at their smartphone screen, Sainte Anne’s officers know immediately who is talking.

Marc Robichaud: In traditional radio communications, we talk and identified ourselves as to who we are.

Doug Davis: And it tells me who is all on so I know now that the chief is on, I am on, and central dispatch is on.

Marc Robichaud: Great, when you’re looking at a larger scale organization or a larger scale type event we are able to keep track of who it is that’s providing you with communication.

Doug Davis: So you are always in communication. You know who is on the radio, you know who’s there, and for department like ours, it’s incredibly comforting to know that you can see who’s on there.

Narrator: WAVE technology was also a perfect choice because it was easy and seamless to set up and operate.

Marc Robichaud: The thing to remember is that this is a simple system. It is not complicated. We’re a small police department. We don’t have a tech or an IT guy that was here to set all the stuff up. I mean, we were able to do this ourselves.

Narrator: After working with WAVE-based communication technology and seeing its advantages first hand would Chief Robichaud recommend this system to other police departments over a traditional radio system?

Marc Robichaud: In policing sometimes, we get stuck in doing what we’ve always done and once my officers were able to utilize this technology and become accustomed to it, I think they’ve seen the advantages to having this type of communication over a traditional radio. I think that this is a great system, and I think that it’s the way that communications are going to go in the future. I think that departments getting on board now would reap a lot of benefit from this.

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