When Mobility Becomes the Next Best Thing to Being in the Same Room.

How great would it be to take data and video and bring that into your secure communications network for a group of recipients? And imagine how running secure video feeds over the same network could improve productivity.

Wave Mobility

With video running as an application over broadband IP, a group of users can emulate being in the same room together, complete with facial expressions and body language. They all have access to the same information, regardless of where each of them may be physically located. The result of this connectivity is that you radically improve your organization’s ability to make decisions.

It’s important to remember that Twisted Pair is more than a voice company, just like communications is more than voice. The market has been focused on voice with little data surrounding it. But the real world is much more about data. And the WAVE system sets up a secure environment so you can piggy back other services on your network as you need them.

A System of Systems to Empower Mobile Workers

Twisted Pair’s solutions use standards-based software to avoid the unnecessary complexity, limitations and expense of proprietary hardware solutions. You can have as many fat broadband pipes as you want but you don’t control them. WAVE implements a system within a system with an overlay to rapidly transit communications data over your network.

Our approach creates a tightly integrated communications environment, supporting interoperability and location independence for improved mobility with a user’s preferred device, be it a radio, headset camera or smartphone. Now mobile workers can easily share voice and data with their peers back at the office, wherever that may be.

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