IP-Dispatch is Transforming Dispatch Communication Functions for Public Sector and Commercial Users Alike.

Traditionally, dispatch console systems have been highly centralized, hardware-centric, and inflexible, as well as being relatively expensive to purchase, deploy and maintain. Recently, IP technology has allowed console vendors to replace their backroom switching, interface and failover electronics with industry standard IT components, but the dependency on proprietary hardware concentrated in centralized settings remains. Unfortunately, this translates to less flexibility, lower productivity and greater costs than a pure IP solution is able to provide. Even interoperability is not improved: a dispatcher still must be called into a communication session to connect users who are trying to talk to one another on disparate devices.

IP Dispatch changes the game. WAVE is a pure standards-based IP software solution that provides complete voice communication interoperability and data services for all your critical communications requirements. WAVE allows organizations to seamlessly network two-way land mobile radio (LMR) systems (conventional and trunked), telephony, mobile, paging and intercom communications regardless of the make, model and frequency of radio systems in use or whether voice traffic originates from wireline, wireless or IP-based telecommunications systems. WAVE’s patented technology allows us to create dispatch systems of any size and scope with no single point of failure. Dispatch functions can be consolidated or distributed anywhere you need. With WAVE, a dispatcher can take their laptop, go anywhere they have an IP network connection, and have full access to all dispatch functions.

Twisted Pair’s own market research shows that by 2014 over 70 percent of operators of critical communications systems expect their dispatch function to be fully IP-based. While voice will remain the primary “killer app,” adoption of video and other data technologies including messaging, telematics and mapping will exceed 50 percent. With WAVE IP Dispatch you will be able to deliver on the promise of these rich media capabilities for your organization.

Increasingly, the responsibility for defining, designing, justifying, procuring, and maintaining dispatch communication systems is being transferred from our customers’ operations groups to their IT departments.

Key metrics these groups use to justify the investment in IP-based dispatch solutions include lifecycle costs, quality of service, usability, ease of deployment and maintenance, performance and productivity. WAVE is designed with all these metrics in mind. WAVE IP Dispatch supplies all the features, functionality, performance and reliability expected in a mission-critical dispatch communications system.

At the same time, WAVE IP Dispatch delivers significant economic benefits and rapid ROI because it is a pure software solution that permits full communication interoperability to be achieved without having to replace expensive legacy communications systems. With WAVE IP Dispatch, organizations can keep their existing communications infrastructure and reap the benefits of real-time interoperability and collaboration by tying it all together using WAVE’s industry leading, standards-based IP technology. WAVE includes desktop (standalone or browser-based) and mobile communication clients that provide channel access for voice and data communications to anyone in a WAVE domain, including individuals and groups.

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