WAVE is the Missing Link That Connects Two-way Radio Systems to Your Computer and Phone Systems.

Radio is one of our oldest, most successful communications technologies. But like all other systems in the communications mix, radios have their limitations. Most obvious is the inability of one radio system to talk directly to other radios operating on different frequencies or using different access protocols. UHF will not talk with VHF, for example, and P25 or TETRA systems communicate with their base-stations in a totally different way to older analog technology. This makes interoperability between different radio systems and their users a perennial problem for the technology.

Modern radio systems also are very expensive to install, configure and maintain. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see customers spend many millions of dollars on antennas, repeaters and handsets and related hardware to expand the operability of their radio systems with no improvement in interoperability at all.

WAVE connects and extends communications systems, allowing people with smart phones, PCs, and other mobile form factors to be a part of an organization's broader communication strategy and fabric.

Using WAVE, radio systems old and new can be connected quickly and securely using IP as the common transport medium. This allows multiple radio systems to seamlessly interoperate and to extend their reach to just about anywhere your operations go. And because WAVE is software, you avoid the unnecessary complexity, limitations and expense of proprietary hardware solutions. That means you can affordably bring radio communications to different parts of a region or to other devices and, most importantly, disparate radio frequencies and technologies.

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