WAVE Extends Voice Communications Access to Everyone, Using Their Preferred Devices.

Connecting workers

Communication today is made up of many different types of technologies. There is two-way radio, telephony, broadcast and alerting systems, to name just a few. Some of these were never designed to interoperate with each other. If your organization is like most, you have many of these systems and experience the frustration of them not working together.

You may also be part of a large, distributed organization with operations around the world and tens of thousands of employees. Operations of this size typically have a large mobile worker contingent, whose communications technologies (radios and push-to-talk devices) don’t integrate well with the wider enterprise.

WAVE software overcomes these obstacles to unify your voice communications network. It brings all these audio streams into an IP environment so they can be extended to any other communications technology. So people—no matter where they are or what device they use—can talk to each other simply and easily regardless of their technology.

The Benefits of Extensible Group Communications

Radio Integration with IP Telephony

IP phones are traditionally viewed as cost-saving devices that eliminate the need for leased lines and recurring charges. But IP phones do provide additional capabilities. These smart devices include user interfaces and client processing features that allow applications to run on the phone, opening up new service opportunities. WAVE software turns your IP phone into a two-way radio handset, alert/broadcast client, intercom system or trading turret with the touch of a button.

Desktop to Radios

Our WAVE Desktop Communicator client offers desktop extension to radios. Users who don’t have dispatch responsibilities can talk on preconfigured channels and patches, and make phone calls direct from their PC without a separate soft phone. So whether you’re a mobile worker on a two-way radio or smartphone, or an office-based worker on a PC laptop, any WAVE user can see who’s available and access them with one click.

Extend Unified Communications to Mobile Users

WAVE software is the “killer app” for extending ubiquitous voice coverage across the network, which has been the missing ingredient in an enterprise’s UC strategy. WAVE software eliminates the restrictions imposed by device and network silos. The result is that you achieve a higher ROI on your UC investment by extending group communications to mobile workers on the device of their choice.

Smartphone Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Have you ever struggled with the limitations of a wireless carrier’s PTT service? If so, you know latency is a huge issue that seriously impacts productivity. Carrier service rates and poor device choices don’t help either. So imagine if you could give your mobile users real-time, two-way PTT capabilities across any WiFi or wireless data network, anywhere in the world. And do that while using mass-market smartphones that can function in many other capacities. That changes everything.

It’s possible to do this running the WAVE Mobile Communicator on inexpensive smartphones. This innovative client application solves your enterprise PTT problems and can be used as a supplement or alternative to a radio handset in uncritical scenarios. Read more about our approach to this in the Universal PTT and the Massively Connected Enterprise white paper.

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