Carrier-Independent Push-To-Talk Service.

Mobile service today gives you a rich choice of mobile devices, features, pricing and sometimes unique capabilities. Thanks to higher speed 3G/4G and WiFi voice and data services, smartphones browse the web and other apps enable businesses to empower their mobile workers with new productivity tools.

The hitch has been push-to-talk from one carrier network to another. WAVE Connections solves that problem. It’s an innovative push-to-talk service for today’s smartphone devices.

WAVE Connections offers universal coverage so users can push-to-talk with almost any other smartphone device over any carrier network, without incurring additional calling charges. Sprint to AT&T? No problem. Verizon to T-Mobile? Absolutely. With WAVE Connections your push-to-talk service is truly global.

An Immediate Connection Improves Productivity

WAVE Connections is all about an immediate connection—no dialing required. Using a mobile device and network of choice, users can talk and listen to others in the same way they would use a walkie-talkie or a full-featured radio handset, by pushing your “talk” button to talk and releasing it to receive audio. This powerful business productivity service allows instant communications between workers in the office, in the field or at home.

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