WAVE Transforms How You Use Voice Communications to Empower Your Organization.

Over the years you’ve invariably looked for ways to improve your voice communications capabilities. Perhaps you’ve been held back by costs or technology limitations (namely radio interoperability), or a piecemeal versus holistic approach. Then there’s the concept of unified communications (UC), which raises a host of return-on-investment issues for the enterprise.

Into this dialog comes WAVE. It removes the barriers to instant communication, freeing you to think about the possibilities for your enterprise. WAVE can transform your concept of what you can and can’t achieve because you have the technology to make it happen.

The Benefits of Transformational Voice Communications

Cost Reductions with Expanded Capabilities

Imagine what you could achieve (and save) by consolidating or eliminating expensive radio dispatch consoles. When two-way radios connect directly to everybody else on the network, the capital costs of opening the radio network are no longer an issue. And wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate the cost of enterprise-wide push-to-talk (PTT) services while expanding its use? You could with WAVE since it makes smartphones work with your communications network in a more intelligent way.

The Tipping Point for UC Deployment

You could also look at WAVE software as the “killer app” for extending ubiquitous voice coverage across the network, which has been the missing ingredient in an enterprise’s UC strategy. WAVE eliminates the restrictions imposed by device and network silos. The result is that you achieve a higher ROI on your UC investment by extending group communications to mobile workers on the device of their choice. That makes UC deployment a much easier pill to swallow.

Use and Reuse of Technology for Maximum Collaboration

This is just the beginning of how you can benefit from WAVE. You can finally deploy, and realize the cost-saving and productivity benefits of a real unified-communications network. Without the physical restraints to how you engineer operational practices, your organization can think about how to use and reuse technology to maximize collaboration enterprise-wide.

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