Simply Add Radio Networks to Your Computing as a Service Strategy.

If you’re exploring cloud-based Computing as a Service (CaaS) solutions and you have radio networks, Twisted Pair is the only provider to integrate those radio networks into your CaaS strategy. Our solution meets your stringent security and performance requirements for critical communications devices while simplifying the process, lowering costs and ensuring access diversity.

Twisted Pair and our partners simplify the complexity of putting your critical communications in the cloud. Our software leads the market in connecting any combination of existing and new communication systems in a manageable way. Our partners can analyze your operating system levels and access needs. Together we can help transition your entire communications ecosystem with built in redundancy and guaranteed up time.

The Proven Leader in Radio Integration over IP and Software

We can also improve the cost structure of your critical communications network, making it less expensive for you to run communications in the cloud. We’re trusted to do this everyday for defense, public sector and commercial clients with mission-critical communications. When Twisted Pair hosts your critical communications, it will cost you a fraction of the amount you would spend and the time you would devote compared to doing it yourself. And availability, reliability and scalability become a non-issue.

Most importantly, we bring in radio services such as Land Mobile Radios, intercoms and paging systems. This is the missing link in other CaaS providers’ offerings. WAVE software connects two-way radio systems to create a secure, fully transparent and scalable interoperable communications network on your servers or in the cloud.

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