Twisted Pair Solutions is the Recognized Leader in Critical Communications Applications for Secure, Real-time Collaboration Anywhere on Any Device.

How do you securely and confidently communicate with mobile workers, military personnel, and first responders anytime on any device? This is the most important question for secure communications, yet outdated, proprietary technology has made this requirement virtually impossible. Twisted Pair is changing the game by delivering what users are asking for. Our complete suite of secure, critical communication applications ensures all necessary people can collaborate and communicate no matter what device, at any time in any location.

Since 1999 we have been asking our customers to rethink their approach to critical communications. Forget the old world approach of providing only voice on single-purpose handsets. Forget complex and proprietary systems with heavy-duty and expensive hardware. WAVE is the future of critical communications, the first and only complete suite of mobile workforce communication applications delivered on premise and in the cloud to drive new levels of efficiency and extraordinary customer delight.

Our vision is that your critical communications technologies are powerful, easy to use, easy to integrate, mobile, and collaborative – so people can simply communicate. WAVE is battle tested software that’s used in some of the world’s most demanding situations providing secure, critical communications to people, when they need it on any device.

Our business focus is to remove technological barriers that impede real-time communications, and improve the operability, interoperability, security, and productivity of your office and mobile workforce.

Our philosophy is to help organizations extend their communications capabilities and maximize the value of their current technology investments. In so doing, customers can focus on reaping the operational benefits of a truly unified communications infrastructure, instead of being taxed with the continual replacement of proprietary and stove pipe communication technologies.

Our strength comes from years of experience working closely with our customers and partners in solving difficult communications challenges created when the ability to simply talk, make decisions, and act is compromised by an increasingly diverse and incompatible communications portfolio. Our software brings together any type of communication system so the right people can simply communicate effortlessly – across systems, across devices, supporting voice and other vital information.

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